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By: Demetrio M. Granada, Jr.

telemetry 4

SPUG successfully commissioned its pilot telemetry system project in Ticao DPP in San Jacinto, Masbate on 31 July 2016. Ticao DPP can now be monitored online and allows sending of hourly plant data via email and Short Message Service (SMS) to the SPUG database located in NPC Head Office, Quezon City. The system also allows automatic notification to Plant Heads and Managers via SMS of Feeder, Breaker and Genset Status, Hourly System Demand and Fuel Balance.

 The telemetry system installed in Ticao DPP is composed of the following:

  1. Remote Terminal Unit
  2. Digital Billing Meter
  3. Digital Statistical Meter
  4. Digital Station Meter
  5. Flow Meter and Flow Computers.

telemetry 5 telemetry 6

telemetry 7 telemetry 8

Sometime in 2015, SPUG-Luzon, thru Mr. Ramoncito C. Castillo, Manager, WMTSD, proposed the implementation of a telemetry system project which was then part of the group’s corporate initiatives and commitments to improve SPUG operations in off-grid areas.

The primary objective of a telemetry system is to gather remotely the plant parameters such as genset alarms, breaker status, feeder status, line trippings, billing meter readings and fuel monitoring. Once applied nationwide, the SPUG Telemetry System is expected to change the manner of monitoring and reporting the status of power plants, transmission lines, substations and other facilities of SPUG, as the system allows real-time and automated gathering and collection of technical and operational data in a more efficient and reliable method.  

telemetry 9 telemetry 10

telemetry 11 telemetry 12

telemetry 3

Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring. The word is derived from Greek roots: tele (remote) and metron (measure).

Benefits of Telemetry System:

  • Automates data collection
  • Generates accurate and real-time statistics
  • Centralizes database
  • Facilitates online plant status monitoring
  • Eliminate human intervention

Telemetry Home Telemetry Meters

Telemetry SystemDemand Telemetry Trippings

Telemetry Fuel Telemetry Data

The SPUG Telemetry Project is one of the major projects of SPUG and Ticao DPP was selected as a pilot area for the testing of the project. The power plant is composed of two NPC-owned gensets (1 x 500 kW & 1 x300 kW), four rental gensets (1 x 600 kW & 3 x 1,000 kW) with contracted capacity of 1.6 MW and three fuel storage tanks with an estimated capacity of almost 104,000 liters of diesel fuel.

Ticao DPP is located in Moyot Street, Brgy. Poblacion, San Jacinto, Masbate. The plant operates 24/7 and is headed by Mr. Andrei Von C. Torrevillas.

The SPUG Telemetry System Project is composed of the following personnel:

Ramoncito C. Castillo

Manager, WMTSD

Almar C. Reyes

Sr. IT Specialist, OPPAD-PPAD

Richard P. Verar

Sr. IT Specialist, OM-LOD

Rodrigo Q. Cayetano

Principal Engineer B, WMTSD

Gemino T. Sta. Cruz

Maintenance Foreman, WMTSD

Leonardo U. de Guzman

Foreman, WMTSD

Mike Rommel G. Cabral

Sr. O/M Technician, WMTSD

Jovencio B. Magluyan, Jr.

Cadet Engineer, WMTSD