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(Four Activities done in Batan)

DSC 0454

On August 31, 2016 SPUG, Watershed and OP personnel headed towards the island of Batan and implemented the NPC Cares program.


DSC 0407

Ribbon Cutting and turn-over of chairs to Batan National High School, Rapu-Rapu Albay. Present were (from left to right) Mr. Llorca PIC of Batan DPP, GPTA President Mr. Martirez, Mr. Bandong from Tiwi Watershed, Ms. Estella of OPPAD, Ms. Añonuevo Baranggay Kagawad and OIC-Principal Mr. Bayaban.

  1. NPC donated 50 school chairs to Batan National High school (BNHS) as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. The chairs were made from illegally cut logs confiscated by the Tiwi Watershed Area Team.

DSC 0192

The NPC team on their way to Batan from Bacacay Port.

 DSC 0299

DSC 0312

The students of Batan National High School carrying the school chairs from Batan Port to school (3 Kilometer walk).

  1. After the turn-over ceremony of the chairs, brief lectures on General Public Safety focused on distribution line safety, fire prevention, earthquake safety procedures and care for the environment and climate change mitigation were conducted by NPC Safety Officer and engineers which was attended by approximately 60 students.

DSC 0528

  1. A mass tree planting activity in the same school participated by students, teaching staff, Local Government Unit (LGU), General Parent and Teachers Association (GPTA) and NPC team followed. Approximately 200 seedlings were planted on site and 50 were donated to LGU. Another 50 seedlings of various fruit bearing trees were planted at Batan DPP.

DSC 0475

BNHS teaching staffs together with the parents were so thankful of thedonation which was initiated by NPC President, Ma. Gladys Cruz Sta. Rita. “A thousand Thank You, Madam” was their message to the NPC President. They were also enlightened with the NPCs role in the upliftment of their local economy and together with the education of the students. They requested that the schedule for Batan DPP’s operation should be from 8am to 5pm or during school hours in case there is an extension of operation to 16 hours per day.

DSC 0471 DSC 0536

  1. In the afternoon, a safety inspection was performed by the team, this time headed by Mr. Romeo G. Francisco, Jr. at Batan DPP. It was found-out to be compliant with safety standard practice as per NPC procedures, likewise Batan DPP is commendable in its 5S and good housekeeping as observed by the group.

WP 005391 IMG 4214-1

The activities in Batan Island, the transport of the chairs and seedlings were made possible through the efforts of the NPC Ladies Foundation and Vice-Mayor Oñate, the LGU of Rapu-rapu, Albay, the NPC team and GPTA/teaching staff of BNHS.

The NPC team were represented by Mr. Bandong from Tiwi Watershed, Ms. Mediavillo and Mr. Llorca from BOD-SPUG, Mr. Paje from Corp-Com/OP, Mr. Francisco, Ms. Estella and Mr. San Miguel from OPPAD-SPUG. The school was also represented by OIC-Principal Mr. Bayaban, GPTA Mr. Martirez, LGU by Ms. Añonuevo.

The extra mile extended by NPC to its SPUG costumers and stakeholders is NPCs way of saying “NPC Cares”.